GO Find 40

Sold By Vastcom

Vastcom is thrilled to announce our new GO-FIND entry level detector series.

Features include

  • 3 Find Modes
  • 10 Inch Waterproof Coil
  • 4 sensitivity  Levels
  • 5 Volume Levels
  • 5 Treasure View LED'S
  • Backlight
  • Pinpoint
  • Bluetooth
  • Std Go Find App
  • Weight: 1.04kg


Sold By Vastcom
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Product Description

These easy-to-use detectors have been created especially for newcomers to take up metal detecting, with a great range of features at very affordable prices. GO-FIND detectors require no assembly, collapse to a small size for transport, and are very lightweight.The GO-FIND 40 and 60 have Treasure View LED indicators to show possible trash & possible treasure finds, and also Bluetooth integration to work with Minelab’s GO-FIND apps that have Coin ID and Google Maps capability. Pack a GO-FIND for your next outdoor adventure. It’s awesome fun for the whole family!

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