Minelab Pro-Gold Pan Kit

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15-inch Dual Riffle pan
10-inch Single Riffle Pan
Hex-mesh Classifier
Convertible Carry bag
Iron Seperator Magnet
Double-Loupe Magnifier (3x, 5x magnification)
Vacuum Suction Bottle
Gold Transfer Pipette
Micro-Gold Storage Vials
Getting Started Guide


Sold By Vastcom
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Product Description

Everything you need to get started!
Discover gold the easy way with the Minelab PRO-GOLD range of high quality pans and accessories. This premium panning kit has everything you need to get started and you’ll become an expert in no time. Prospecting for gold has never been so much fun!

The PRO-GOLD kit features two premium quality pans and a versatile classifier. They’re constructed from durable lightweight polypropylene, are UV-resistant and float in water.

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